We find out all the questions and tasks that you need to solve. Our technical specialists consult on the selection of the necessary equipment, they are pre-determined with technical features and installation dimensions. The design department makes a miscalculation of the project (if necessary, our representatives go to the customer’s enterprise for measurements). We present a commercial offer.



We are preparing a contract with a set production time, and the product specification, which describes in detail the characteristics of the equipment, is a detailed diagram with dimensions.



We make sure that you have clarified all the technical points, you approve the project. An advance payment is made and the production of the order starts.



You can come to the factory at any time to look at the manufacturing processes, or get a photo and video of the production stages of your order. Consultations are also possible during the production process aimed at improving functionality (for non-standard equipment).


Test and setup

After production, we make sure to test all equipment. Our specialists (if necessary) train your staff in the peculiarities of operation and maintenance, make adjustments.



Sending the finished equipment to the customer is carried out through the partner logistics companies and courier service. Our logistics department cooperates with the customer to find the best delivery option.

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